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Bieber Arrested Early Yesterday Morning!

Justin Bieber was arrested after drag racing in Miami Beach early Thursday morning and was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license.

After cooling off in jail, Justin made a brief appearance before a judge, who set a "standard" bail of $2,500. Obviously, he didn't have any problem coming up with that. He probably had that much on him, in cash.  While leaving jail, Justin sat on top of a vehicle . . . and waved to his fans like a beauty queen or something. Clearly, this kid doesn't seem to regret the example he's setting for his fans

Justin Bieber was finally caught doing something INDEFENSIBLE . . . but that STILL isn't stopping his completely delusional "Beliebers" from Tweeting about how he's the VICTIM. Here's an example:

 "People drink and drive all the time, and you never hear about it . . . but the only reason that it's such a big deal now is because it's Justin Bieber."

Justin's dad, Jeremy Bieber, was actually with him all day. So, it's reasonable to assume that he helped facilitate Justin's many STUPID decisions.
In related news: The media is now appologizing for calling Micheal Lohan the worst dad in the world...


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01/24/2014 6:34AM
Bieber Arrested Early Yesterday Morning!
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Bieber Arrested Early Yesterday Morning!
Justin Bieber was arrested after drag racing in Miami Beach early Thursday morning and was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license. After cooling off in jail, Justin made a brief appearance before a judge, who set a...
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